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Print of Stormy Sea by Prints

Stormy Sea

John was fascinated by the sea in all its different moods. He would spend time just looking at the sea.

Print of Running Sea by Prints

Running Sea

John loved watching the moving waves and colours of the sea

Print of Passing Ardnamurchan Point by Prints

Passing Ardnamurchan Point

Ardnamurchan Point is the most westerly point of the British mainland. You pass the lighthouse here on your way from Oban to Barra and the Western Isles.

Print of Tidal Change by Prints

Tidal Change

There is great fascination in the changing movement and colours of the tides

Print of Changing Tide by Prints

Changing Tide

Tides change in colour and movement but never stop

Print of After the Storm by Prints

After the Storm

Tides change in colour and movement but never stop

Print of Wave II by Prints

Wave II

Print of The Wave by Prints

The Wave

John was fascinated by the movements and colours of waves

Print of Hebridean Sea II by Prints

Hebridean Sea II

John loved watching the water in the wake of the ferries as he crossed from island to island

Print of Undertow by Prints


The undertow can affect the colours of the waves which inspired John

Print of Surging Tide by Prints

Surging Tide

John loved watching the changing moods of the sea including high tides

Print of Storm, Bass Rock by Prints

Storm, Bass Rock

As an Edinburgh man, the Bass Rock was a favourite landmark in all weathers

Print of Evening Stroll, Bass Rock by Prints

Evening Stroll, Bass Rock

The Bass Rock is so romantic in the moonlight

Print of Summer, Bass Rock by Prints

Summer, Bass Rock

Semi abstract colourful image of the Bass Rock in summer time.

Print of Where Sea Meets Sky by Prints

Where Sea Meets Sky

Amazing colours that can be seen in the evenings looking across from the west coast of Scotland to the island of Eigg

Print of Returning Tide, Bass Rock by Prints

Returning Tide, Bass Rock

As a youngster John liked watching and sketching the changing sea around the Bass Rock.

Print of Summer, North Berwick by Prints

Summer, North Berwick

Remembered holidays in North Berwick and heat haze over the sand and water

Print of Morvern by Prints


Morvern is a more remote peninsula on the west coast of Scotland with stunning scenery

Print of Loch Moidart by Prints

Loch Moidart

Loch Moidart is a more remote sea loch with dramatic scenery which flows east into the Atlantic Ocean

Print of The Bay by Prints

The Bay

The Bay evokes feelings about all those beautiful rocky bays in Scotland

Print of Evening Tide by Prints

Evening Tide

Evening tide comes in and darkness falls over the harbour