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Print of Evening Trees by Prints

Evening Trees

Tree trunks in varying shades in the gathering dusk

Print of Trees by Prints


Trees as well as flowers intrigued John

Print of Dawyck Gardens by Prints

Dawyck Gardens

Dawyck is the arboretum of the Edinburgh Botanical Garden. It has an amazing, colourful and interesting selection of trees, shrubs and plants all year round

Print of Inverewe Gardens by Prints

Inverewe Gardens

Inverewe is a well known and well visited man made garden in the north west of Scotland with unusual plants, shrubs and trees including palm trees

Print of White Fish by Prints

White Fish

One of a series of underwater coral reef paintings.

Print of Yellow Coral by Prints

Yellow Coral

One of a series of coral reef paintings. John was inspired by underwater TV programmes

Print of Corals by Prints


John loved the colours and shapes he saw on TV programmes about coral reefs

Print of Genesis by Prints


John's vision of the primordial 'soup' in the oceans from which all life evolved

Print of Blue Shoal by Prints

Blue Shoal

One of John's coral series of paintings inspired by TV nature programmes

Print of Magic Fish by Prints

Magic Fish

John was amazed by the unusual rarely seen fish found in the deepest oceans

Print of Underwater Wedding by Prints

Underwater Wedding

John's sense of humour. Fish live, mate and die.

Print of Twae Bottles by Prints

Twae Bottles

This picture started as part of a demonstration when giving some private tuition.

Print of Two Fried Eggs by Prints

Two Fried Eggs

John producing a painting purely for fun. Would look good on any kitchen or cafe wall

Print of Common Riding Morn by Prints

Common Riding Morn

When John lived in Selkirk he was woken at 5am each year on the Common Riding Morn when locals rode round the old common 'marches' (boundaries) of the town

Print of Great Expectations by Prints

Great Expectations

Those in John's home town of Edinburgh were looking forward to the new tram network although inconvenienced by the building work especially in wet weather!

Print of Flapper by Prints


John thinking about his mother's and his aunt's generation when he saw photos of them in their younger days

Print of Two by Prints


Two people imagining their future life together or remembering their past life together

Print of Part Time Madonna by Prints

Part Time Madonna

John having fun, imagining if the biblical Madonna had been born into today's world, would she have worked part-time?

Print of It's So Hard To Be A Woman by Prints

It's So Hard To Be A Woman

John ,with tongue in cheek, was thinking about the Queen's 'annus horribilis' and the tough life his mother and other women had at times!

Print of A Walk on the Wild Side by Prints

A Walk on the Wild Side

John was often moved to paint by lines of poetry or verse and this is such an image

Print of Red Triangle by Prints

Red Triangle

Pure abstract piece. There were roadworks on the road outside at the time. Red Triangle!